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Youth & Family

July 26: Mighty Writers to Attempt “Most Kids Writing” World Record at Art Museum

Today's the day! Mighty Writers, a Philadelphia organization devoted to teaching Philadelphia students seven to 17 to think clearly and write with clarity, is attempting to set a new world record for most kids writing at the same place at the same time.

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Criminal Justice

Police Shootings, Death in Dallas, Terror, and the Tie That Binds Them All

Dead bodies litter the ground – both here and abroad – lying in mute testimony of our failure to learn to live in peace with each other.

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Health & Wellness

VIDEO: HuffPost Black Voices Features Tips for Healing as We Mourn

Huffington Post Black Voices recently posted a video featuring perspectives on how Black people can be mindful of self-care at times when we are inundated with endless media imagery of police brutality in our communities.

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Dig A Little Deeper

Radio host and cultural maven, desperate to find ways to bridge the gap between elders and millennials, before any more of our creative legacy is lost to our very short collective memory.

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Race & Diaspora

July 14: WURD Will Live Broadcast “The President and The People: A National Conversation”

Tune in to 900AM in the Philly area and 900amwurd.com globally beginning at 8pm ET on July 14 to see and hear a town hall conversation with President Obama on moving forward together after the tragic shootings across our country.

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Politics & Government

Sanders Endorses Clinton as Democratic Nominee for President

After weeks of hinting that an endorsement was forthcoming, Sen. Bernie Sanders has finally endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee and pledged to do all he can to ensure she wins the November election.

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Featured Podcasts

The Nick Taliaferro Show 7.21.16 – Anton Moore
Wake Up With WURD 7.18.16
MOJO 7.14.16 – Ralph Crowder III

Featured Videos

Race & Diaspora

Wake Up With WURD’s Solomon Jones Appears on ABC’s Nightline to Talk Race, Policing and Fatherhood

On July 13, Wake Up With WURD's Solomon Jones and his son were part of a discussion on ABC's Nightline that brought together a diverse group of parents, children and police officers to have frank conversations about race, justice and the role of police.

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WURD Exclusive: New Freedom Theatre

Examining the vision for the future of New Freedom Theatre's Training Program and mainstage productions.

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Race & Diaspora

Reelblack’s Exclusive Conversations with Baba Dick Gregory

By popular demand: click to enjoy Reelblack's exclusive conversations with activist, author and comedian Baba Dick Gregory, hosted by Mike D. - over two dozen videos!

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