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Top 5 Live- Friday May 22

Everyday on Wake Up Wirh Wurd we list the top five stories of the day. Today's top stories include: Grand jury indicts 6 Baltimore officers in Freddie Gray's death, Loretta Lynch vows to investigate John Crawford's death, and city council postpones plan to buy land

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Race & Diaspora

Systemic racism and… government surveillance

Race Forward, publisher of Colorlines, has launched a video series called "What Is Systemic Racism?" featuring socio-political commentator and deejay Jay Smooth. This video, second in the series, focuses on the connection between racism and government surveillance.

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Solomon Jones Opts for Schools Over Jails

How, in a city that can't find $85 million for education, can we find $500 million for a prison?

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Wake Up With WURD

Top 5 Live – Wednesday May 20

Every day on Wake Up With WURD we list the Top 5 stories of the day. Today’s stories include: Jim Kenney wins democratic nomination for mayor, judge awards over $300.000 to a whistle-blower, and Dougherty wins spot on November ballot for Supreme Court race.

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Embracing My Inner Blueswoman

Forgive me if I seem a little sassier than usual on the air this week. I've been inspired by Dee Rees' amazing new HBO biopic BESSIE, starring Queen Latifah. It's time for me to reclaim some of my artsy edge.

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Arts & Entertainment

31st Annual Celebration of Black Writing

The 31st annual Celebration of Black Writing (CBW), one of the most prominent African-American literary events in the nation, puts the spotlight on black literary, visual and performing arts. Takes place the entire month of May!

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