Politics & Government

The Case for Millennials to Run for Office

The millennials that helped elect the first Black president of the United States could have an even bigger impact on politics moving forward.

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Wake Up With WURD

Top Five Live – Thursday, October 8th

Top stories: Pa. House rejects Wolf budget plan; Senate OKs massive defense bill; at trial, NBA's Sefolosha describes struggle with NYC police; drug inmates with long rap sheets among those freed early; Philly schools and city make data deal.

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Race & Diaspora

PABJ and AL DÍA Take Strong Stance Against Racial Insensitivity at Philadelphia Magazine

Both the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists and AL DÍA News Media are demanding a substantive commitment from Philadelphia Magazine to address its persistent insensitivity concerning race and diversity in the city.

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Business & Technology

Philadelphia Minority Enterprise Development Week: Oct 1-8

The City of Philadelphia has a massive roster of events scheduled for Philadelphia Minority Enterprise Development Week (October 1-8). Read on for details and registration.

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Race & Diaspora

J. Whyatt (Jerry) Mondesire Transitions at Age 65

Civil rights activist J. Whyatt "Jerry" Mondesire passed away on October 4 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He was 65 years old.

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Health & Wellness

WURD Speaks: Brain Strain – Recap and Resources

We are so encouraged by the outpouring of interest following WURD Speaks: Brain Strain! Read on for information presented by the stage participants, as well as other useful information about the impact of trauma on children and education.

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Featured Podcasts

The Nick Taliaferro Show: 10.06.15 – Jesse Muhammad And Negus Frost
MOJO 10.6.15 – Wendell Pierce
WURD Speaks – Brain Strain 9.30.15

Featured Videos

Business & Technology

Mind Your Business – Zurifab Fashion Boutique

This week's Mind Your Business features Zurifab Fashion Boutique, a unique mobile business that brings fashion to you wherever you are. The challenge? Moving to the next level.

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We’re forWURD – are YOU? Join or Renew Today!

As the only African-American owned and operated talk radio station in Pennsylvania, we are carrying the torch and sustaining the legacy of community, awareness and activism, and through the forWURD Movement, we continue to give voice to the voiceless.

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WURD Speaks: Brain Strain – NBC-10 Interviews Mike O’Bryan

NBC-10 interviews Mike O’Bryan, Program Manager, Youth Arts Education at Village of Arts and Humanities and participant in WURD Speaks: Brain Strain – The Effect of Trauma on Education, taking place on 9/30/15 as part of our Walter P. Lomax, Jr., M.D. Speaker Series.

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