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Latest Videos


FULL VIDEO: Youth Town Hall Meeting

WHYY, in partnership with 900AM WURD, joined forces to present a Youth Town Hall Meeting in late September. You can see and hear the entire conversation through this link.

Business & Technology

Mind Your Business – Got Laundry?

This week's Mind Your Business features "Got Laundry?" -- a laundromat run by husband-wife team Takiyah Green and Ray Wall. Stay tuned to WURD for more about their business growth plans!

Health & Wellness

NBC-10 Features WURD Wellness Festival at Fox Street

NBC-10 interviews Sara Lomax-Reese, WURD's president and GM, about the October 17 WURD Wellness Festival at Fox Street.

Latest Podcasts

Latest Podcasts

Information Is The Best Medicine 2. 11. 17 – Dr. Adam Tanner
MOJO 2.8.17 – Sheri Riley
MOJO 2.7.2017-Melisa Alaba

Latest Articles

Latest Articles

Politics & Government

Introducing Reality Check with Charles Ellison: Monday-Thursday, 4-7 p.m.

Introducing "Reality Check with Charles Ellison," every Monday through Thursday from 4-7pm. Hosted by Charles D. Ellison -- veteran political strategist and Philly native -- "Reality Check" will discuss issues rippling through the nation’s capitals, state houses and city halls.


The Black List: Self-Determination in the Post-Obama Era

With a new administration on its way in, WURD is one of few independently owned media outlets that offer our community a place to speak and be heard, especially when our voices are increasingly marginalized, ignored and silenced.

Race & Diaspora

900AM-WURD and Philadelphia Magazine Announce Social Justice Podcast for MLK Day

Radio station 900AM-WURD and Philadelphia magazine announced today they’re teaming up to create a special podcast around the topic of social justice. The podcast will be released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16th.

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