If Money Talks...
Aug 8, 2012

Intern Eric Turner takes a look at Team Romney and Team Obama's campaign fundraising, thus far.

If money talks than millions are listening to the fact that Mitt Romney raised over $100 million in fundraiser donations.


Show Me The Money!

Recent statistics show that Mitt Romney leads the race in fundraising by raising over $200 million in the past couple of months. In May, Mitt Romney's campaign team raised $77 million compared to President Obama's $60 million. In June, Mitt Romney's campaign team raised over $106 million, the most ever for a member of the Republican party in a single month. Furthermore, recent reports indicate that Mitt Romney's campaign team raised $101.3 million in the month of July. However, President Obama still leads the race in being the first president to raise over $150 million in September of 2008. Although President Obama leads the race in that category, he is struggling to out raise Mitt Romney's campaign. The total amount that has been raised by the Obama administration for July has not
yet been released.

Some of the reasons why Mitt Romney's team is ahead of the game is because of the contributors that he has compared to President Obama. For instance, Mitt Romney's top contributors include Goldman Sachs, which is a global investment banking and security firm who donated $636,080, and JP Morgan Chase & Co, another global financial service firm who donated $502,874. The two firms reportedly gave over $300 thousand more than two of President Obama's top contributors such as Microsoft Corp, who was able to donate $418,845, and the University of California, who raised $411,386 in the month of June according to the Federal Election Committee (FEC).

Shockingly enough, around this time three years ago in 2008, former Republican presidential candidate, John McCain's best fundraising month was in the month of June in which he raised $21 million in donations which is only a portion of Mitt Romney's total earnings from fundraising in the month of June 2012. Although that was John McCain's most successful month with fundraising, President Barack Obama was able to raise more than McCain that month by raising $30 million over McCain's total fundraising earnings.

In recent months, Mitt Romney's campaign team has out raised the Obama Campaign by millions of dollars. If the 2012 presidential election was solely based on how much money one party can raise, Mitt Romney would appear to be the candidate who will rise to victory.

Statistics were provided by www.opensecrets.org/pres12/index.php

picture via: http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/2010/06/republicans-and-their-blue-dog-allies.html