Seeking Sanctuary - Stephanie Renee
Mar 29, 2014

The quest for a living space that says "Home"

I am officially suffering from "Renter's Fatigue."

But I do not want to sound like an ingrate. When WURD offered me a regular on-air position two years ago, I had a few basic needs in a living space. A functional outdoor space, because I'm an Air sign who loves to sit outdoors in nice weather. Plenty of storage. Solid walls. Few stairs. And functional space to live and work in because I have a lot of stuff, even with a good bit of my decor bells & whistles collecting dust in a storage facility in DC. My current space has all of that, and it has served me well, for the most part. But my heart desires something a little more grown-up and permanent now.

The first rule of rental space that is sorely lacking in personality is white wall paint. Endless non-contrast. I am an earth tone chick. All oranges, reds, purples, browns and golds. The colors of Autumn. Perfect for an October baby like me, which I would like to see reflected in my space, in ways other than duvet covers and area rugs.

God bless Philadelphia for all of the time-honored architecture and original features, because I adore the idea of all that. But I have also seen the dark underbelly of that reality, which means horribly outdated fixtures and overdue renovations. My current place has the dreaded mauve-and-burgundy bathroom tile treatment and a soffet that makes absolutely no sense for the design. My kitchen has the one-two punch of rental ugly: white, "apartment-sized" appliances. Dear God In Heaven, what I would do for a refrigerator that can hold a stand-up bottle of wine and a real-life-apportioned freezer! Did I mention that my pantry is at the opposite end of the apartment? Do you feel my pain?

There are other unfortunate a side interior door that is nowhere near soundproof, so I am infinitely aware when my neighbors come and go at all hours of the day and night. No washer & dryer on the premises. And other little nitpicky details that I won't bore you with, lest you consider me a spoiled complainer. My place is large, warm, pest-free and otherwise relatively comfortable. But it's time for me to invest in a property that I can decorate and personalize in all of the ways that matter to me at this stage of my life. I need to go from functional to Stef's Special Space. The house that becomes a home, tailored to my tastes and choices.

Maybe then I can give DIY Network a rest. Wean myself off of HGTV. Go from ideas and learning to practical application. Soon and very soon.

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