Zipping Into Autumn, Saying So Long to September
Sep 30, 2012

Officially moving from summer to autumn. Embracing WURD's role a connector of people and info.

Hello Listeners!

The Fall season rolled in to Philadelphia on a gentle whisper. I love the crispness in the air, even though I still need to get back to my house in DC to grab all of my seasonal clothing that was not a priority back in April. It's amazing how quickly time zooms by when you're busy settling into a new job and new home. But unless I get a fashion sponsor to buy me a whole new fall/winter wardrobe, I'll have to make time in the very near future to officially finish moving back to Philly with the rest of my things.

Last week's shows were a great example of the family atmosphere and connectedness that we enjoy at WURD. City Council members called to chime in on the issues we were discussing on The MOJO, just as many of you do everyday as listeners concerned with the issues of the day. On Wednesday, I had a long chat with journalist/musician Greg Tate about his legacy of cultural commentary and the performance ensemble he leads, Burnt Sugar( Many of you emailed me to say how much you enjoyed the interview, so I'll be sure to post it in my featured podcasts. Terrence Williams' brother called on Thursday to tell us about the stay of execution, right after the judge's decision, and we immediately understood the value of our time on the air sharing news with our community. And Friday's segment with astrologer Samuel Reynolds was a very thoughtful discussion of the Full Moon's interplay with Uranus and Pluto, and how we Americans are bracing for a season of societal upheaval. If you missed it, we'll try to get that one posted as a podcast too.

So let's open our arms to welcome October & the Autumn goodness it will bring. If you need a great soundtrack for the season, you can start with the songs I played on last week's shows. Here goes: