The First of the Month
Oct 7, 2012
The First of the Month

Setting the pace and tone for another month of business and busy-ness.

I try to be at least a little impartial, but it's hard to pretend that my birthday month is anything but my absolute favorite time of the year. There are all kinds of reasons to love October: sweater weather, NFL football, apple cider, the changing color of the leaves. It really is a magical time. And, if the math is right, I was likely conceived sometime between Christmas and my mother's birthday. There's something particularly special about that too.

This October, there are even more reasons to love the change of seasons. Political fans can appreciate the focus on topical matters as we prepare for the November election. You poor Eagles fans can continue biting your nails down to the quick, agonizing over Vick fumbles and Andy Reid play calling (while my Skins-loving self enjoys the show). And, continuing the trend of the summer months, there is another GREAT crop of live shows coming to the area. Me'shell NdegeOcello, Robert Glasper, Oddisee, Kenny Barron...and WURD will also be helping to promote the premiere of Ava DuVernay's highly-acclaimed film MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. So it's gonna be a party for anybody who's paying attention.

Hope to see you all out & about at all of these great cultural happenings. And here is last week's playlist:

P.S. - I give you my former Girl Scout's honor that I did NOT have John from Lititz PA call in as a plant last week. Glad that we could have a meaningful dialogue about racial/ethnic issues related to the Presidential debate and each candidate's respective campaigns. Appreciate all of the positive feedback that many of you gave me about how I handled the conversation. Let's keep building and growing!