Fall Equals Fireworks
Oct 14, 2012
Fall Equals Fireworks

How inviting dialogue from my listeners can sometimes lead to unexpected destinations.

Well! When I said that this was going to be a busy birthday month, I honestly had no idea how spicy things would get, just from talking about issues on the air with all of you. This past week started with Columbus Day, which gave us a great reason to talk about finding the truth, instead of myth, in our cultural history. We talked about how black/Jewish relations can be found in many instances during the Jazz Era, and then heard an inspirational story about the origin of the spiritual "We Shall Overcome" from researcher Isaias Gamboa. But that was nothing compared to the inadvertant firestorm I started on Thursday just before City Council.

I had a plan for Thursday's program that included a preview of the issues for the Vice-Presidential debate later that evening, and a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Right after a musical break, I read an announcement about a conference at Hunter College honoring poet Audre Lorde (pictured above), 20 years after her unfortunate death from breast cancer. Taken directly from the event info, I shared a string of terms that Lorde used to describe herself, which included the words "feminist" and "lesbian." It turns out that these are trigger words for several people in our WURD listening audience which led us to spend 2 hours on Thursday and a chunk of Friday's show dealing with issues of homophobia, religious dogma, moralizing and genuine soul-searching about homosexuality within the Black community. Even though this conversation was a complete tangent from where I intended to go with my show's subject matter, it is obvious that we have a lot of healing to do with regard to our community's views on homosexuality and other sexual matters, like pedophilia and molestation. I have promised on-air--and will reiterate here in this blog--that I welcome respectful exchanges on these sensitive matters and will do my best to bring guests on my show to help us facilitate the conversation. I hope you will continue to listen, provide feedback and grow with us on this journey.

And now, for last week's playlist: