Celebrating Good Times
Oct 22, 2012

Glad to share my birthday and other commemorations with the WURD Family!

I'm not gonna lie...I was really hoping to be in the American Southwest at a spa for my birthday.

I'm on a mission to see all 50 states, and when I travel, I like to take advantage of the best that a location has to offer from its local resources and talents. So I had my eyes on either Sedona or Santa Fe, where I could go disappear for a few days in a flurry of massages, clean Mexican-influenced meals, Native American clothes & jewelry and desert sunsets. But alas, the workflow around the station didn't afford me time for this kind of getaway for my personal holiday season. Despite all that, it was a treat to spend last week in the company of my new extended family at WURD. Between our staff, listeners, members and guests, you all absolutely made me feel loved and appreciated, close-up.

For all of our 900 In 90 Members who came out ready to party on Thursday night at SugarHouse, it was a blast hanging out with you. And, as I mentioned to several of you individually, we've got more social gatherings in the works. We love getting together with you: to spread critical information and to just hang out and have a good time. So we are absolutely looking into more opportunities to come together and truly be "in the community." Stay tuned!

Here are the songs from last week's playlist: