Extended Family
Nov 25, 2012

A few thoughts about holiday time with friends, instead of blood.

Hey WURD Family. I hope that everyone had a peaceful and spirit-filled start to the holiday season.

I stayed in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving instead of heading home to DC. I had to work on Friday, but it was about more than that. Since my father's death last April, I really don't have much of a need to make the trek down I-95 for the big traditional meal anymore. Usually my sisters and I find some time to hang out between Christmas and New Year's, but we no longer have that draw to "come home" for the holidays. I've missed a lot of Thanksgivings at home, between college choir conferences and my international travels. So even though I miss some of my departed loved ones dearly, Thanksgiving is the one major holiday when spending time with my close friends never really feels like a cop-out or compromise.

What's even more special about this year is that because I was working on Black Friday, I had a chance to take stock of just how family-like our WURD listeners and staff are. I had been listening to Bill Anderson's live broadcast from Leo's Apparel before I headed over to 3rd Element Spa & Salon, so I knew that folks were out and about early in the day to get in on the sale and the chance to hang out with our hosts. But I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised to see some of those same listeners and staffers come halfway across town to also patronize the salon and say Hello to me during my remote. With everything else going on, these folks made a work day feel like holiday house-hopping...full of laughter, hugs and little gifts to conjure up some goodwill and cheer.

So, if I don't say it out loud enough, please know that I am ever thankful for every single soul in our WURD family. I have learned so much and and am humbled by everything you've done to embrace and encourage me since I came on board in March. There is no doubt in my mind that I am loved and appreciated.


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