Let The Dollars Circulate!
Dec 10, 2012

Wisdom shared at NAMD's Buy Black Holiday Expo that we need to use all year round!

I was a last-minute substitution for our GM, Sara Lomax-Reese, this past Saturday to sit on a panel held during the Holiday Expo sponsored by the National Alliance of Market Developers. Our topic: Why "buying Black" is a still a relevant issue.

This was an easy topic for me to chime in on because, as an administrator for this wonderful but ONLY independent black talk radio station in PA, I see firsthand how easily we are disregarded by companies (and sometimes our own community) when it comes to advertising buys. And what's even more frustrating is how often WURD is approached to help get the word out about events because no other "black" station in this Top 10 media market is able to provide the conscious airtime and attention that we can provide. Those 50,000 watt FM stations are great for playing music, but they only have very limited time to discuss issues or call people to action around social and political matters. WURD deserves far more respect for the role we play in the community, but some people only see as far as the signal strength or Arbitron ratings.

The theme we ended up developing during our panel was "conscious investment." For black businesses and organizations to thrive in our community, with the nearly $1 trillion dollars that black folks in America spend every year, we need to have conscious thought associated with every opening of our wallets. With every swipe of our plastic. If you can spend those dollars with a black business, why wouldn't you? Why are black businesses so often the outlet of last resort for the things we consume and services we require?

We're asking you to consciously invest, folks. Make your buying power a source of cultural pride as well. And help your friends understand that our tendency toward blind consumerism is handicapping our entire community.

Here is last week's playlist: