Happy Holi-Daze!
Dec 23, 2012

No such thing as end-of-the-year wind down in the world of radio!

WURD Family, I don't know about you, but I am TIRED! (although taking the entire weekend to catch up with friends and party a bit has helped renew me mentally, even if it didn't help much physically)

It is a hectic time in and around the WURD studio! While 9-to-5ers look forward to this time of year to take some time off and relax, it doesn't particularly work that way in the world of radio. Folks try to squeeze in meetings before they go off on vacation, we get asked to do lots of live remotes at events all around the region, and then I go and help to arrange for a huge station holiday event in the middle of all that. What normally would have been a fun little gettogether for our members and friends exploded into a full-fledged catered party with sponsored cocktails and a mini-concert with a major recording artist. I'm really excited about how well it all went. Otherwise, our entire staff would have been calling me out of my name until the New Year. And the smiles on everyone's faces at the end of the night meant that the lack of sleep and hours of planning were well worth it.

I won't be heading home to DC for either holiday, here at the end of 2012. I'm sad that I will miss out on my family ritual Christmas Eve movie marathon, or that I won't have time to meet my youngest nephew's new fiancée as I had intended. But duty calls, and major holidays on a Tuesday definitely complicate travel plans or taking time off. I'm still hoping to dig my toes in some sand and turn off all of my electronics for a few days early in 2013. But in the meantime, I'll use my technology to reach out to my loved ones and share season's greetings. I'll squeeze out a few moments to raise a fork or a glass with my local besties, in celebration of an incredibly prosperous year. And I will take every available opportunity to sleep a few extra minutes, laugh myself hoarse and give thanks...knowing that the best is yet to come, and there's so much positive necessary work to be done.

Here is last week's playlist: