Setting Some Baggage Down in 2012
Dec 30, 2012

Deciding what to carry forward and what to leave behind, as we stand on the doorstep of 2013

I can't say enough how much I appreciate my cadre of sisterfriends. Because I am constantly in touch with a tight-knit group of remarkable women from my college years and professional career, I never have to look far for advice, counseling and encouragement. The real problem is that I often do not ask for their guidance until I am waist-deep in a problem.

I hold on to a lot of my personal challenges because of an ever-prevalent idea of self-preservation that is often found in people who've lost a parent early in life. I was only 11 when my mother made transition, so there is a small voice that activates in me in the midst of the storm that tells me to handle business on my own, because you can never be sure when a trusted confidant will not be around to guide you. I work hard to silence that voice, to trust people enough to let them in to listen and love. But it ain't easy. It is absolutely one of the biggest issues I intend to lay down and leave behind when the calendar turns to 2013.

Another bad trait and completely false perception is that I am the only one in my inner circle who struggles with financial issues. It is true that some of my girls have amazing careers with six-figure salaries, but thanks to some very honest dialogue, I am now aware that with big money comes big responsibilities. Responsibilities that make my money woes achingly familiar, regardless of the size of our respective paychecks. I have a few pesky matters to clear up from my days of being a self-employed teaching artist, tis true. But with a little planning and focus, they aren't anything I can't handle. As the old saying goes, "Ain't nothing to it but to DO IT!" And do it, I shall, in the New Year.

This blog isn't about making resolutions, as much as it is an ownership of baggage that will not travel with me on my present journey. I'm grabbing my boarding pass for 2013 with only a small carry-on, trusting that the coming year will bring me everything that I need. And frankly, some of this stuff I have now is due for replacement anyway. Out with the old things, old ways, old ideas that will not serve me well at my next destination.

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