Stars Shine, Regardless
Jan 6, 2013

Remembering not to let discouraging words distract me from my purpose

I'm the granddaughter of a psychic, and inherited some of those intuitive and empathic abilities, so I try to be very careful about opening the floodgates. There is no such thing as a minor emotional response from me, if I'm being honest. I'm either very carefully controlled, or full-out "balls to the wall" invested.

This characteristic also leads me to imagine human emotion coming from inanimate objects. I fretted over every dirt patch or small tear endured by my childhood stuffed animals. I was angry for Pluto when the scientific community downgraded it to dwarf planet, after centuries of enjoying major planet status. And I was always a little sad for my birthstone opal, a semi-precious stone that doesn't enjoy the glory assigned to rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

The thing is: we'd all be in a sad state of affairs if our beauty or worth was solely up to the discretion or perception of someone else. Little dark Pluto didn't implode or change course when scientists deemed it a dwarf. It continues in its orbit, as it always has, caring nothing for the whims of astronomers here on Earth. An opal will never be as durable or financially valuable as its big cousin, the diamond, but I still find them stunning. And while diamonds are judged for their lack of color, opals come in all kinds of gorgeous variation. They possess a dynamic inner sparkle. When my beloved abuelita (Aries, with a diamond birthstone) gave me my first piece of opal jewelry, I certainly didn't waste my time comparing my pendant to the sparkling jewels on her fingers. I loved my opal because it was mine, and it was beautiful to me. Nothing else mattered.

So, I'm about to do some jewelry shopping. The next time I am thrown into an emotional tailspin because of someone else's thoughts or statements, I'm going to gaze down at my new opal and remember that sparkle is not competitive. It either is, or it ain't. Stars don't waste their time worrying about which one is brighter. They just shine, period, because that's what they were born to do.

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