Forging A New Frontier
Jan 19, 2013

Launching a new schedule is hard, wonderful work

We did it!

After fielding a lot of input from well-wishers and naysayers alike, numerous discussions and debates over titles and themes, and a long list of suggestions and auditions, the past Monday we fully unveiled some of the newest updates to the WURD on-air schedule. This is Step 1 in an ambitious vision for how WURD is going to reinvent ourselves in our 10th Anniversary year. We're doing things that have never before happened on our air, and we're bringing back a few key elements that we'd missed in recent years. It's a work-in-progress, in every meaning of that string of words.

Think of WURD as a custom-designed vehicle. We have a very good idea of how the thing is supposed to operate and the functions that we need it to fulfill. What we're doing now is adding more style to the design. The engineers are making sure that the technology keeps the motor running, so our admin team can now pick and choose from the optional packages that make the vehicle look and sound good as we ride. We intend to profile behind the wheel, but only because we're confident that we've got the right horsepower under the hood.

Yes, there will be those who think we've completely lost our minds. Yes, there will be people who will hold tight to their nostalgic notions of what the station was in the past and not be very enthusiastic about embracing the changes. But we hope they'll listen with open ears and give it a shot. Because we're extending an invitation for former fans and curious new listeners to come along for this ride with us. Grandma gets to ride shotgun, and we've even got car seats for the kids! The final destination is as yet unknown, but imagine all the good stories we'll share and great songs we'll sing on the journey. You know you don't want to miss out on that!

Here is last week's playlist: