Knowing Your Place
Jan 26, 2013

The importance of knowing who we are, whose we are, and why we are here

If you are living according to your purpose, there will always be unexpected moments that reaffirm precisely why you are doing what you do. It could be something as small as a note or an email from someone whose life has been touched by a word or action from you. It could be seeing or hearing someone's work that has clearly been influenced by something that you've done. Or, if you're really lucky, you'll be in a situation where you make a suggestion and you see enthusiasm spread over someone else's face once they digest what you've just said. Your idea transforms into OUR project because they fully buy in to what you've put forth in the world and now become fully engaged in making that thing happen.

As a "creative," I am blessed to have been involved in many such instances over my lifetime. It is hard to describe the euphoria you feel when you're performing in a club and have a room full of people singing along with the song you wrote. Or interviewing someone and getting feedback that you've created a moment for the people listening in that has inspired them. Or better still, working with students in a discipline that you love, and watching them surpass you in the their love and execution of that art. It's the beauty of perpetuity. Knowing that, in some small way, you're helping something live on and flourish long after your time in this space has ended.

I am living in that energy every day I work with WURD. As we move ever closer to the 10th Anniversary, I stand on the shoulders of all who've passed through the station before me, and I stand squarely in my understanding that the perspective and skills I bring to our on-air presence and administrative goals can propel WURD to a new level. We learn as we climb. We climb as we grow. And all I need is more opportunities to do what I've been put here to do. To teach. To record. To document. To question. To celebrate. And, to shine. Because that's what stars do.

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