Spirit Moves
Mar 4, 2013

Acknowledging when positive evergy enters and dwells in your space

Last week, as we transitioned between Black History and Women's History Month's, I found myself in the company of angels. Angels with powerful voices that sing and narrate our lives. On Thursday, it was the "heavenly choir" of Sweet Honey In The Rock, during their tribute show to powerful women artists like Odetta, Abbey Lincoln, Nina Simone and Miriam Makeba. Whether in their celebrated a cappella harmonies, or in conjunction with the world-class young male instrumentalists who accompanied them for this special show, Sweet Honey's voices captured the essence of womanhood in every note and composition. And you could feel the spirits dancing as they sang.

And then on Sunday, it was the power of the spoken word that called spirit into the space. Just Greg Corbin, Ursula Rucker and the peaceful warrior energy of Mama Sonia Sanchez--accompanied by the percussive genius of Doc Gibbs--rocked, riled and restored us as a collective during the Duafe Holistic Hair Care fundraiser. When you are in the company of people who truly speak truth to power, the air in the space where they are gathered begins to vibrate on a higher level. You feel lighter, brighter and healed. And you can almost see the spirits flying at the sound of each syllable.

In these days when far too many creative spirits sing a desperate style of blues, wallow in a sense of hopelessness and seem to revel in the basest sensory experiences of humanity, it is good to be in the company of artists who yield to a higher calling in the execution of their craft. By using their voices to inspire, we all benefit from connecting to the divinity within. The ancestors are pleased, and the village stands as a cohesive unit.

Here are the tunes from last week's playlist: