A Collective Vision
Apr 30, 2013

Living up to your own expectations, and those of those who matter

Philly Tech Week 2013 marked an important opportunity for dialogue, visibility, and awareness of where WURD truly fits in this top national media market. At our BlackOut panel discussion, in the many conversations our staff had with friends and supporters in the subsequent days, and in our private staff meetings, everyone at the station seemed to take away two very concrete concepts:

One, we are a LEGACY organization, so there is a public expectation that we will honor the historic traditions that necessitate our presence on-air.


Two, we must ADAPT or DIE, if we are to stay competitive in a market that needs and demands so much more than our predecessors could achieve or had access to.

The Tech Week crowd is considered to be the cutting-edge thinkers of Philadelphia's information class, and they showed up in surprising numbers to hear the wisdom of more traditional businesspeople who are trying to carve out new territory in the digital landscape. The lesson in this exchange is that our little station can't, and won't, sacrifice everything we've learned over the years to go chasing a contemporary dream of what might be. Our success lies in striking a balance between what was and what's just over the horizon. Honoring our foundation, but pushing ourselves to grab hold of a new way of thinking, moving and presenting information that unites generations and moves people's hearts.

We hope you're ready to take the leap into the unknown with us. Sometimes we'll be making it up as we go along, but at the very least, we've got a pretty good inkling of where we're headed.

Here is last week's playlist: