The Voice
May 5, 2013

Listening when spirit speaks to you, regardless of the volume

Don't think I'm crazy or anything, but I've got very sensitive ears. And I'm not just talking about being sensitive to high frequencies, which I am, to the extreme. But my ears are also the way that spiritual energy connects to me as well. I am distinctly tuned in to The Voice.

I'd like to think that my skill at hearing the deep down truth of things has become more refined over time. My grandmother was a seer, born with a veil. She could touch you and be certain of information about your life that would be impossible for her to know without acknowledgement of a spiritual gift. I have those kinds of dreams fairly often, but my connection is definitely more about what I hear. I have been in situations where I am standing right next to someone who says something so ugly that The Creator decides I'm not supposed to hear it. It will literally sound like giant earmuffs take over my head and I can even see the person's mouth move, but I won't hear anything. Other times, I'll ask a question--either out loud or clearly in my head--and the answer will be spoken to me by people I know or complete strangers, often within minutes and consistently so there is no doubt that it is a response just for me.

The funniest way that this gift manifests came about (admittedly) because of jealousy. My good friend Dr. Kathleen Walls frequently tells me about listening to God speaking, and at the time I hadn't acknowledged that this was already happening frequently in my life. So, on a trip home to DC, I found myself asking God to speak to me too. And boy, did that work quickly! In one weekend, I heard The Voice--clearly and distinctly--tell me to switch lanes when I was driving on the highway. I obeyed, and moments later the car in front of me swerved out of control and crashed lightly into a retaining wall. The very next day, I was heading to another location and The Voice told me that I shouldn't be upset about a flat tire, since I had never had one on the open road before. Moments later, one of my tires blew out. I managed to roll into the service lane on a very populated stretch of highway and didn't even get a chance to call AAA before a man pulled up and changed my tire for free. I feel like God said, "Do you hear me NOW, Child?" I have never questioned The Voice since.

I'm sure that many of you reading this blog will acknowledge when Spirit speaks to you. I'm waiting for the day when more of us can hear, distinctly, when God is speaking THROUGH us. And then you'll know that your silence, in matters great and small, is doing us all a grave disservice. And you'll speak, sing, shout out your truth to the world...loudly and often.

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