The Larger Purpose
Jun 13, 2013

Elbowing some room for your own personal peace, despite the swirl around you

The past two weeks since my return from vacation have been interesting, to say the least. It's funny how easy it is to fall right back into the pace and flow of things, despite your best efforts to take a break and reprioritize the way you handle your business. My days in New Orleans were necessary, my way to recommune with the tastes, sounds and spiritual energy that speaks to the deepest part of my being. It would be nice to sustain that sense of connectedness well after my return. But the demands of talk radio and our listeners don't often allow that to happen. Everybody wants to attack everything, all at once, all the time. Too few of us realize the precious commodity of time.

The one group of people who know precisely the feelings that I am processing right now are my fellow creatives. It is the reason why so many people completely umplug from a steady job or other distractions when they are completing new work. It's easier not to answer the phone at all than it is to explain to someone why their emergency is not your priority, or convince someone that--right this minute--the one thing you need more than anything else is time to consider. Organize. Just be.

If you'd like to see more of what I did during my downtime, you can check out the photo album I've posted here:

May we all find a way to create safe mental and emotional space in our lives. Whether nurturing beauty or preparing for battle, everyone needs time to forge an executable plan. That's the only way to win.

Here is last week's playlist: