Eternal Love, Universal Language
Jun 16, 2013

Remembering my father through the love of music we shared

On Father's Day, and on any day when I'm missing my Daddy in particular, I can always conjure up fond memories of how music was the primary bonding source between us. Aside from his profound disdain for hiphop, my father and I could almost always find an album or a CD to pop on the player when we were together, to sing along with and discuss the merits of the melodies.

In my early years Daddy introduced me to his favorite operatic diva, Leontyne Price, and all manner of sacred and classical music. I taught him the wonders of Take 6 and gave him a curiosity about a bunch of contemporary R&B that he might have otherwise ignored or assumed he wouldn't like. Watching his face light up at the intricacy and impeccable execution of the a cappella arrangements on Take 6's debut album will be one of my fondest memories. During our last visit before his passing, we listened to my most recent album, also a cappella. And although it was impossible for my father to hear any piece of music without offering some kind of constructive criticism, after the final note faded out, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "Kiddo, that was just marvelous!" I'll never be able to express in words how proud I was in that moment, and how thankful I am that this gift of music I inherited through the genes can never be taken away.

While I know that many of my Wake Up With WURD fans enjoy the music I play, I hope that you all don't just hear my musical tastes in the tunes I offer each morning. Perhaps you can also feel the deep abiding love for our cultural expression in sound that got passed down through countless generations of my DNA. And, like my father, maybe you'll briefly close your eyes, tap your toes and drink in the love and history that pours out of the speakers.

Here is last week's playlist: