And I Have Promises To Keep
Jun 23, 2013

The power of passion, commitment and enthusiasm

I, along with several other members of our WURD family, was on hand to witness the nuptials of producer Troy Wilmore and his new bride this past Saturday. It was a lovely ceremony, the minister had a great sense of humor, and between the laughter and smiles of the entire bridal party, there were moments of reflection about the significance of making a vow before God, in love.

Many people characterize modern day society as one that prizes "disposability." Find out you don't like your spouse? Get a divorce and trade them in for a more suitable model. Buy a car? Why? Better to lease one, since you know you won't want to keep it past 3 or 5 years anyway. Buy nails and hair that you aren't patient enough to grow on your own. It seems like everything you want can be gained in an instant, and discarded just as quickly. Very few of our actions are preceded by thoughts of permanence.

Several of my friends have announced engagements or walked down the aisle recently, and being there to witness their ceremonies has been a blessing. Although I don't have any marriage prospects on the immediate horizon, I am encouraged to know that my friends have found partners who uplift, support and adore them. Marriage is about so much more than the fancy ceremony. It is crucial that everyone do their very best to find those things in life for which they are passionate and sure. A life partner, a career, a spiritual or moral mandate...all of these things contribute to a life that is fulfilled and satisfying. Let's collectively decide to only utilize our disposable mentality on small-ticket items. When it comes to affairs of the heart, intellect, and soul, our energies are far better served by thoughts of longevity, investment and engagement...with or without the ring.

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