One Moment In Time
Jul 7, 2013

Remembering that now is all we have

In addition to America's celebration of Independence Day this week, we have watched the world struggle with issues of justice, prosperity and democracy. While witnesses take the stand to try and make sense of the actions that led George Zimmerman to take Trayvon Martin's life, three South American countries have offered asylum to federal whistleblower Edward Snowden. And we ask, who is responsible for creating more safe havens for black boys? The Mandela family keeps their patriarch alive through the wonders of modern medicine, while rumors have begun to surface about disputes over rights to land, speeches and other matters intrinsically linked to his legacy. And we ask, who fights for the right to maintain the sanctity of our cultural heritage? Soul crooner Bill Withers reached his 75th birthday on July 4, and this weekend would have marked the 64th birthday of TSOP chanteuse Phyllis Hyman. And we ask, who protects the well-being of those who've sacrificed so much to bring beauty into the world on their own terms?

In each of the situations above, a matter of moments could have drastically changed the outcomes that we'll now dissect more thoroughly on the WURD airwaves and in our private conversations. Perhaps if George Zimmerman had lost sight of Trayvon Martin for a few more crucial minutes, Trayvon could have made it back indoors and away from danger. If Nelson Mandela had not made it back to the hospital when he did, doctors may not have had the moments needed to practice their craft and give the man and his family the time they need to sort out arrangements and how they will continue after the inevitable. A few more moments of pre-show preparation and human contact may have changed the dynamic that led Phyllis Hyman to take her own life and deny her the opportunity to celebrate her birthday right along with Bill Withers this weekend. Moments. Time that can never be regained. Outcomes that can never be changed. Life, in real time, in the making.

Let us all do our best to live more consciously, understanding that every single action is a link in a chain of decision and consequence. Minute by minute, moment by moment, we can make a positive difference. As long as we fully acknowledge that our moments are too precious to spare, and too powerful to squander.

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