Another Day, Another Year
Oct 21, 2013

Taking stock of the need for calm and celebration, after another birthday has come and gone

Well friends, I am happy to be blogging from the north side of another birthday. The past few weeks have been a vivid reminder of the need to appreciate every moment and indulge in every opportunity to create memories. I can be very task-oriented, working relentlessly at checking items off of my To Do list. Focused, man. But every now and then, it feels good to cast deadlines and tasks aside to just breathe.

I live next door to a girls' home, and for the past few weeks, the cops have had reason to come break up fights or check on things at least twice a week. I never know when the bomb is going to blow. Could be middle of the night or middle of the day. There will be doors slamming and yelling that spills out into the front lawn, just outside my living room, and then...sirens. Young ladies will be scattered all across the front porch, sitting in chairs or on the bricks, waiting to tell their side of the story or just being quiet and out of direct scrutiny. I haven't interacted much with the girls, other than to give them the hand-me-down plastic chairs that the former resident of my apartment left behind when she moved out, or say an occasional hello when they're jumping double dutch in front of my building on a nice day. I often wonder what conditions were in the homes they were forced to leave, and why they are still so angry. Angry enough to explode at one another regularly enough to have the cops arrive at a moment's notice a few times a week. To diffuse, soothe, and mentor the situation into a tentative state of calm. At least temporarily.

I think of my home as my sanctuary, a relatively quiet and cozy space to be my creative and enterpreneurial self. When I became an adult, I made trips home to DC less frequently because there tended to be a lot of random chaos, especially during the holidays. Relatives with addictions, bickering, materialistic attitudes, over-scheduling stresses...DRAMA! Who wants to voluntarily leave a place where things are serene and walk into unfiltered nonsense? Not I, my friends. Not I.

In this next year of life I am now entering, I plan to live much more consciously focused on the present. Tasks will get done, deadlines will come and go, tempers may flare, feelings may be bruised, but the reward is in managing the flow of it all without losing one's self to the minutiae. At the end of the day, I'm just happy to be here. One more day. One more show. One more song. One more laugh. Adding up upon themselves into a life worth living. Peace, be still.

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