WURD WELLNESS: African American Health Info
Feb 29, 2012 | News Archive
WURD WELLNESS: African American Health Info
by: Eric Nixon

New information develops everyday concerning our community. It is not hard to obtain, but easy to overlook. Check out some statistics and websites to start out with on updating the knowledge of our well-being.
Cancer Statistics of African Americans :

This gives information from numbers and locations of highest probability to solutions and treatments

Family Wellness Tips:

Tips to get you and your family involved, interacting and healthy

Family Reunion Heath Affair:

Provide this information at your next family reunion. This is a family activity all on its own. It may not be fun, but your family's health awareness makes this important.

Overall African American Health Statistics
This page identifies all disease and death statistics. Some of the information may not be surprising and some just may be surprising.

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