Dollars and Sense: The Art of Investing: Quik Notes
Aug 27, 2012 | News Archive
 Dollars and Sense: The Art of Investing: Quik Notes

If you missed our third installment of Dollars and Sense, focused on Investing, here are some Quik Notes!


“In order to get the things that we need we have to begin investing.”



The stock market isn’t just for companies and trained professionals. With a little practice and a few helpful tips, anyone can make money through investing.



  • Yahoo! Finance is a helpful tool for first-time investors.
    • Type in the name of the company you’re looking for and take a look at a chart of their financial history.
    • Look at the top line revenue growth (total sales). If the line is going up, then that is a good indicator that the company is sound.
    • Follow them. Track their progress over the course of a month. If overall it’s rising then you might want to consider investing in that company.


  • When trying to decide what companies to look into, go with what you know. Explore companies that you’ve purchased from before; look for names that you recognize.


  • “You don’t want to invest your savings. You need to separate your savings from your investing money.” Experts advise that you get yourself into the habit of setting aside a few dollars a day. Make it a custom to save a portion of money specifically for investing.


  • One of the most important tips is to be sure not to invest anything you can’t afford to lose. Mind your money. Don’t invest your savings into the stock market. Be mindful and be smart.


  • The stock market has its risks. Make sure that you are in the position to bounce back in the event of a blunder. “The older you are, the less time you have to work out mistakes.”



“Anybody can look up any stock and any company’s financial statements. There’s no excuse.”



Helpful Websites and References – for companies’ financial statements & management reports


The Wealthy Investor’s Guide to Stock Market Success By Tyrone Jackson




TD AmeriTrade



Posted By: Candace Brown