Excellence and Equity -- Securing Our Future Public Education in the 21st Century
Aug 31, 2012 | News Archive
Excellence and Equity -- Securing Our Future  Public Education in the 21st Century

Starting September 7th, every Friday from 12pm to 2pm, Sandra Dungee-Glenn will host an eight part series about the future of public education in the 21st century!

Philadelphia’s public school system is in turmoil. Funding shortages, underperforming schools, and leadership changes have created serious concerns about the future of public education. Further complicating the issue is the range of proposed solutions -- traditional public schools vs. charters vs. vouchers. This debate has left parents dazed and confused. One thing every parent understands: they cannot afford to sacrifice a year of their child’s education while the politics are sorted out.


900AM-WURD, Pennsylvania’s only African-American talk radio station, will produce an eight-part Education series targeting parents of school aged children in Philadelphia. This series will be designed to help parents understand the issues, obstacles, opportunities and resources available to them so they can navigate these troubled waters.


In collaboration with some of the major education stakeholders in the city, this series will be broadcast live on 900AM and streamed live on Hosted by Sandra Dungee Glenn, former SRC Commissioner and host of WURD’s weekly education show School Days, the eight-part series will be aired every Friday from 12-2pm starting September 7.  Designed to discuss the future of our educational system and empower our community to prepare for the upcoming school year, the series will feature an array of experts who represent various approaches to addressing the education crisis.  The series will be punctuated with a community forum on September 28th at The Franklin Institute.



Excellence and Equity -- Securing Our Future Public Education in the 21st Century


Securing Our Future.  Public Education in the 21st Century

Education's role in the Social/Economic Growth of the Nation

"By the Numbers" - Data on U.S. within global economy
Cost of under-education
National trends in high school and college attainment
Jobs vs. Skills
Retooling for Success - What Needs to Change in Public Education - How We Get to Excellence
Reform or Reinvent - Transformational vs. Incremental Change

"Parents' Guide to Excellence and Equity"

following a child's progression from Pre-K through HS graduation and beyond.

Each weekly segment will have a standard format:

  • The Essentials - what my child needs to know and do at every stage of their education
  • Defining Excellent and Adequate
  • By the Numbers - Positive and negative trends around achievement, engagement, equity, etc.
  • Good to Great - Best Practices and How to Choose a Good School
  • "Rays of Hope"- examples of success locally and nationally
  • Parents' Corner - examples of how parents can be involved.  Resources for parents.  Homework assignment


Additional topics include:

The Secret "T" - The Power of Teachers (Good and Bad)
Charter, Contract, and Traditional schools
Money Matters - The voucher debate - Deciding who pays 

Beyond High School – Preparing for College and Career: What Are Your Options?