Dr. Cooper's Karamu Show Schedule
Sep 21, 2012 | News Archive
Dr. Cooper's Karamu Show Schedule

Tune in this Friday September 21, for The Karamu with Dr. Cooper! Check out the schedule below.

Friday 4 to 7 PM EST The KARAMU with Dr. Richard Cooper

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4:00 PM

We interview Massama Dogo of the band “Elikeh” and their brand new CD “Between 2 Worlds” Elikeh mixes funk, rock, jazz with traditional west African rhythms (Togolese polyrhythms) to produce captivating Afro-pop tunes that are as listenable as they are danceable. Although based in indigenous traditions, Elikeh’s music has no borders, exploring global themes and personal odysseys.

The group’s leader, Massama Dogo, was born in Togo and developed his singing and songwriting ability performing with several local bands. He also acted as musical director of the University Orchestra in Togo from 1998 to 2000.

Based in Washington DC, the band Elikeh has a core group of musicians. Massama covers lead vocals and guitar, and his accompanists play guitar, bass, drums, two saxes, trumpet and percussion. On first impression, you might be tempted to label the sound afrobeat – the genre formulated by  Fela Anikulapo Kuti in 1970′s Nigeria.

5:00 PM

We discuss prostate cancer and African American men. We interview Mr.Thomas Farrington, Founder and President, of Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) He is a 12-year prostate cancer survivor who lost his father and both grandfathers to this disease.

President Barack Obama issued a proclamation designating September 2012 as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in which was stated, "Prostate cancer is especially prevalent among African American men, who experience both the highest incidence and the highest mortality rates of prostate cancer."

On September 20th and 21st, in the nation's capital, PHEN is hosting its "Eight Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit" where we bring leaders together from around the country with the goal of developing new strategies for eliminating the prostate cancer racial disparity.

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