It's the Shoe
Dec 27, 2011 | News Archive
Would you stand hours outside awaiting the opening of a retail store for a “rare” luxury fashion product?  From Seattle to Atlanta, across the nation shoppers stampeded retail stores in efforts to buy $200 shoes.
By: Kyle Morris

Not just any shoe, sneaker enthusiasts and Jordan-heads, were determined to add another limited edition to their collection. Shoppers rushed malls and sneaker boutiques, attacked security officers, fought each other, and risked serious injury in hopes of buying limited addition sneakers. In the spirit of Day 2 of Kwanzaa focusing on Kujichaguila, meaning self determination, why people with financial responsibilities would invest so much money on a pair of sneakers is baffling. Perhaps they should redirect this energy to education or new business and technology ventures?  Many of the people in the YouTube videos below were African-Americans. When asked if the overnight wait, and risk of serious injury was worth it majority of them answered, “Yes, these are the best shoes on Earth.”

In Indianappolis In Atlanta In Seattle




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