Ongoing Rebel Attacks Cripple Cyclone-Rocked Somalia
Nov 19, 2013 | News

Somalia, still recovering from last week's deadly tropical cyclone, continues its struggles to put down ongoing attacks by al-Shabab rebel fighters.


Somalia, whose new government recently launched an ambitious reconstruction plan, continues to struggle with famine recovery and ongoing attacks by al-Shabab rebel fighters. The insurgent group, which has joined al-Qaeda and controls many parts of southern and central Somalia, also claimed responsibility for September's gruesome siege at a Nairobi mall in neighboring Kenya.

The most recent al-Shabab assault took place at a police station in the central Somalian town of Baladweyne and resulted in nearly 20 deaths. Last month, a suicide bombing at a restaurant claimed more than a dozen lives.

The latest attack comes just days after Somalia's northeast coast was devastated by a tropical cyclone that killed over 100 people. The cyclone also caused flash floods that dessimated the livestock population, which provides subsistence for roughly 65% of the nation.

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