After the Show: On Al's Radar
Feb 8, 2012 | News Archive
Although these topics didn't make the show discussion, they are still on Al's radar. Check out his picks after the jumpThe shocking death of Don Cornelius has everyone feeling nostaligic of the soul train days. Check out this youtube with Don Cornelius dancing with Mary Wilson.

On February 7, John F. Kennedy established a trade agreement with Cuba, however, why aren't there any cuba cigars and rum being sold at the state stores? This article highlights the political reguations that may be hindering the sweet aroma of cigars in the US.

In the race to approve budgets for 2012, Gov. Corbet keeps his promise with no tax increases, however higher education may get the short end of the stick.

Last week's Susan G. Komen controversy with funding, has led the head financial planner to calling it quits. Read her story here:

Federal Courts ruled  against California's  Prop 8, which would legalize same sex marriage.