The After Show: On Al's Radar
Feb 10, 2012 | News Archive
These topics didn't make the show, but they are still on Al B! 's radarSupreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg says she would not use the U.S. Constitution as a model document for human rights, but favors the South African Constution. As Egypt prepares to try the 19 Americans involved in violating NGO laws... Read more here

Several months after Haiti's dismiss due to natural disaster mixed with political turmoil, the spotlight returns to Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier. Charged with exploiting/disminishing Haiti finances, violating international human rights laws, as well as other crimes, victims take the stand at The Hague... Read about his demise here:,8599,2106355,00.html

Legalizing marijuana may be far fetched in Philadelphia, but offenders charged with more or less than 30 g of the green will instead be sentenced to take a 3-hour class versus jail time. Read about Philly's savings on marijuana here:

And here are the opposing viewpoints:

Melissa Harris Perry on different types of black intellectuals...