On Al's Radar
Feb 22, 2012 | News Archive
Several cases of police brutality have been stirring up blog debates, plus on women's rights- America's women are cracking down on the law and super-control. These articles are still on Al's radar even though they did not make the show discussionA man killed by an off-duty cop over a slice of pizza, family seeks justice. More here:

A video of an officer tasing a handcuff girl..viewer discretion is advised.

Not on thier watch: Virgina lawmakers try to mandate ultrasounds during pregnancy. Women's rights groups rally against it.

In a recent poll surveying women on the likelihood of supporting Rick Santorum, ah negative. Female voters are disenchanted by many of the Republican nominees for president.

A likely partnership, Sean "P Diddy" Combs and Magic Johnson will launch new network.