May. 14, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 5.14.14 - Dr. Maya Angelou

Steph Renee interviews cultural treasure Maya Angelou. Listen Now

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Jul. 21, 2014

The MOJO 7.21.14 - Kimberly Peeler Allen

Steph speaks with Kimberly Peeler Allen, co-founder of non-profit research institute Higher Heights for America, on their report on the status of black women in US politics.Listen

Jul. 21, 2014

The MOJO 7.21.14 - Larry Eichel

Steph speaks with Larry Eichel, Project Director for the Pew Foundation's Philadelphia Research Initiative and author of a report on Philly's shifting homeownership numbers.Listen

Jul. 17, 2014

The MOJO 7.17.14 - Chef Aaron McCargo

Food Network star Chef Aaron McCargo of "Big Daddy's House" promotes a new set of summer recipes especially for those on dialysis -- but delicious for the entire family.Listen

Jul. 18, 2014

The MOJO 7.18.14 - The Unstoppable Foundation

Cynthia Kersey, founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, explains how her 50th birthday wish has turned into a full-time non-profit foundation educating African children.Listen

Jul. 18, 2014

The MOJO 7.18.14 - Summer Literacy

State Senator Vincent Hughes and Peggy Savage, Lead Teacher for the Save Our Skills summer reading program, discuss the challenges to quality education in Philadelphia.Listen

Jul. 11, 2014

The MOJO 7.11.14 - Beverly Delich

Beverly Delich is an entrepreneur, talent agent extraordinaire, president of Silver Lining Management and author of "Come Fly With Me…Michael Bublé’s Rise to Stardom (A Memoir)."Listen

Jul. 15, 2014

The MOJO 7.15.14 - Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM)

Stef speaks with PYPM Executive Director Greg Corbin and former Team Black member Charmira Nelson, who invite people to support the 17th Annual Brave New Voices International Poetry Festival, July 16-19, 2014 in Philadelphia.Listen

Jul. 11, 2014

The MOJO 7.11.14 - Revolutionary Pizza

Stef speaks to Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau, author of "Revolutionary Pizza - Bold Pies that Will Change Your Life…and Dinner" about the communal nature of food and how pizza can accommodate all kinds of recipes and tastes.Listen

Jul. 10, 2014

The MOJO 7.10.14 - Alan Connor

Alan Connor is author of "The Crossword Century: 100 Years of Witty Wordplay, Ingenious Puzzles, and Linguistic Mischief."Listen

Jul. 10, 2014

The MOJO 7.10.14 - Natalie Stewart

Shanachie recording artist Natalie Stewart share thoughts about the pathway carved by her time in Floetry and the spiritual journey of being a solo artist through her latest album, "Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid."Listen

Jul. 9, 2014

The MOJO 7.9.14 - Mike Mashon/HistoryMakers Collection

Mike Mashon, Library of Congress curator, explains the significance of the new HistoryMakers collection and of 1st person narratives. Listen

Jul. 9, 2014

The MOJO 7.9.14 - Charlene Carruthers

National coordinator of BYP100, an organization of Black youth activists based in Chicago, IL, on the recent violence in the Windy City and the need for youth leadership across America.Listen

Jul. 3, 2014

The MOJO 7.3.14 - Jaime Joyce

Jaime Joyce is author of MOONSHINE: A Cultural History of America’s Infamous Liquor. Jaime discusses its role in fostering a true independent American spirit.Listen

Jul. 3, 2014

The MOJO 7.3.14 - Estina Baker

Estina Baker is the PA State Director of Working America, a non-profit organization promoting advocacy for issues that can positively affect members of the US Labor force and their quality of life.Listen

Jul. 2, 2014

The MOJO 7.2.14 - Rashad Robinson

Our monthly check-in with Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of ColorofChange.org, about the long-term effect of recent SCOTUS decisions and other current campaigns.Listen

Jul. 2, 2014

The MOJO 7.2.14 - Earl Boyd

Earl Boyd is Director of Entrepreneurial Services for ENTREPRENEUR WORKS, a local non-profit supporting the needs of those who desire to run their own successful businesses.Listen

Jun. 27, 2014

The MOJO 6.27.14 - Boies & Olson

Attorneys and collaborating authors David Boies and Theodore Olson discuss overcoming partisan politics to successfully defeat California's Proposition 8 and begin a wave of victories for US marriage equality.Listen

Jun. 26, 2014

The MOJO 6.26.14 - Google Innovations

Google's Roya Soleimani explains how Google I/O convened developers to encourage innovation, introduce new products and support women in tech.Listen

Jun. 27, 2014

The MOJO 6.27.14 - My Brother's Keeper

POTUS' "My Brother's Keeper" (MBK) initiative has been met with waves of praise, and -- more recently -- a tidal wave of concern and backlash because girls and young women are not included. Filmmaker Aishah Shahidah Simmons and Professor Kristie Dotson, along with WURD's Brother Shomari, join Stef Renee to outline concerns regarding MBK.Listen

Jun. 26, 2014

The MOJO 6.26.14 - Marjuan Canady

Marjuan Canady is author of the children's book, Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale, which explores the themes of greed and moderation and the folklore of Trinidad & Tobago.Listen

Jun. 26, 2014

The MOJO 6.26.14 - Tonya Evans

"Lawyer by Day, Poet by Night." Widener School of Law professor Tonya Evans, a published poet, author and spoken word artist, will bring a unique perspective from both sides of the microphone our "Dollars & $ense: The Business of Black Music" panel.Listen

Jun. 25, 2014

The MOJO 6.25.14 - Damon Bennett

Steph speaks with Damon "Mr. Dizzy Fingers" Bennett, one of the hardest-working and most talented musicians in contemporary music, and one of our featured panelists for "Dollars & $ense: The Business of Black Music."Listen

Jun. 24, 2014

The MOJO 6.24.14 - Tanya Clay House

Tanya Clay House, Public Policy Director for the Lawyers' Committee, lauds President Obama for his support of diversity in the federal judiciary.Listen

Jun. 23, 2014

The MOJO 6.23.14 - Stanley Nelson

Steph speaks with acclaimed filmmaker Stanley Nelson, whose documentary "Freedom Summer" premiered on PBS' "American Experience" series on June 24, 2014.Listen

Jun. 11, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 6.11.14 - Pastor Roma Benjamin

Pastor Roma Benjamin of Greater Faith Ministries, a former principal, now promotes literacy through faith via her ministry in Harrisburg, PA.Listen

Jun. 19, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 6.19.14 - Jazzy Jeff

A conversation with the West Philadelphia, born-and-raised, musical legend about the start of summer and how good it feels to come home and give back in the spirit of Brotherly Love.Listen

Jun. 18, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 6.18.14 - Lira

South African songstress Lira is in the States for a tour promoting her new album, "Rise Again."Listen

Jun. 17, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 6.17.14 - Eriq LaSalle

We speak with Eriq LaSalle, acclaimed actor/director and successful self-published author of a mystery/crime thriller novel series. The latest book in the series, Laws of Wrath, was released on June 17, 2014.Listen

Jun. 17, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 6.17.14 - Ashley Demauro

Ashley Demauro, State Director of Students First, outlines some of the key provisions of PA House Bill 1722 addressing issues of teacher seniority.Listen

Jun. 13, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 6.13.14 - Yoruba Richen

Yoruba Richen is the filmmaker behind "The New Black," a documentary on the struggles between the LGBT and Black faith communities over marriage equality.Listen

Jun. 9, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 6.9.14 - Marc Morial

Marc Morial, President of the National Urban League, speaking about the organization's "Put Our Children 1st" campaign supporting the use of Common Core curriculum standards for public education.Listen

May. 14, 2014

The Mid-Morning MOJO 5.14.14 - Dr. Maya Angelou

Steph Renee interviews cultural treasure Maya Angelou.Listen