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Camari Ellis, co-host of the Bottom Line on Thursdays and Partner at Ascension Wealth Management, LLC answers your investment and finance questions.

    • Is Hip Hop Killing the Black Economy?
      Is Hip Hop Killing the Black Economy?
      • Nov 27, 2012

      Currently, the Black unemployment rate is 14.3%, almost double the national unemployment rate of 7.9% as of the last release on November 2 nd 2012. The unemployment rate is directly linked to the high levels of poverty found in the Black Community in America. It would appear that the only way to reduce the black unemployment rate substantially would be to increase the level of successful black businesses, since the biggest employers of blacks are black owned businesses, with the exception of the Federal government, according to Maggie Anderson, author of “Our Black Year”.  

    • 3 Simple Ways to Amass Cash
      3 Simple Ways to Amass Cash
      • Oct 24, 2012

      Everybody is worried about money these day. Especially single parent households, whom often juggle helping children with homework, doctor visits, shopping and cooking/providing dinner every night..  Sounds Hectic!