The Dr. Emeka Show
Host: Emeka Nwadiora


Show Times:

Saturday: 2:00pm-3:00pm


Emeka Nwadiora received his masters degree from the University of Connecticut, his first Ph.D from Howard University and his second Ph.D from Temple University. He earned his Juris Doctorate law degree from Hofstra University with interest in immigration and international law. Dr. Nwadiora is a tenured associate professor for the past twenty one years at the School of Health Professions and Social Work at Temple University, and a senior Associate therapist with the Dr. Gordon Bell and Associate Psychological Practices in Mt Airy. The Pan Africa Show he has been hosting for the past seven years attracts accomplished thinkers from various disciplines to educate and inform listeners on unique matters impacting the black world in particular and other global issues in general.


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